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VSA Apna Chakkar 15-1

VSA Apna Chakkar 15-1 (0)

Great kahaniyan, new look, touch and feel. Apna Chakar today launches VSA 15 with reinvigorated and enriched social, cultural and sporting events and exclusive Member benefits. The Chakar will show bolder designs, new features and more

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VSA Apna Chakkar 19

VSA Apna Chakkar 19 (0)

World Champs Again! You wouldn’t even know it but Australia is world champion once again, defending their hockey World Cup title with a 6-1 demolition of the Netherlands. The win, which five-time world-player-of-the-year Jamie Dwyer described

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VSA Apna Chakkar 2014 – 18

VSA Apna Chakkar 2014 – 18 (0)

Our World Cup Final 730am Saturday: Quick balls over the top of the defence or in behind to release Leckie and Oar must be employed. If we succeed with that tactic, the wide men will be

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VSA Apna Chakkar 2014 17

VSA Apna Chakkar 2014 17 (0)

There can never be a ‘right’reason for massacre. There cannot be any reasonable explanation for genocide. We still wait for justice 30 years on. June 6th 1984 - we will never forget. Passing of Mata Ajit Kaur Gill It

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VSA Apna Chakkar 2014 – 16

VSA Apna Chakkar 2014 – 16 (0)

Gishaan's big day out Gishaan (bottom left) the proud son and brother of the Bal family, standing in front of Ivan Franjic with the rest of the Socceroos in our drawn farewell match with South

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Apna Chakkar 2014 15

Apna Chakkar 2014 15 (0)

We all look the same Apparently the organisers of the Miss Globe New Zealand beauty pageant think all Indians look alike. Most people would not forget Synthia Nath’s stunning face, let alone confuse her with another

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Apna Chakkar 2014 – 14

Apna Chakkar 2014 – 14 (0)

Sant Sohan Singh Ji Invite May 22 - 24 Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji’s Yaadgarl is celebrated around the worlds as attests to the wonderful deeds of goodwill he spread to the greater Sikh community. You’re invited

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Apna Chakkar 2014 – 13

Apna Chakkar 2014 – 13 (0)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum! 10 of Mums favourites 1. Beta, ek hor roti dewa? 2. Kithey chali ya ban-tan ke? 3. Cehh, kini pattlee hogi meri kudhi. 4. Jappi pakey dil vich thaad paade. 5. Roti gol bana. Sorey ki kaingey tere? 6. Marjaania, aah ki kita? 7. Durr fitey

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Apna Chakkar 2014 – 12

Apna Chakkar 2014 – 12 (0)

Perth Sikh Games 2014 Perth: Well done to the VSA Soccer and Badminton teams at the recent Sikh Games in Perth. Whilst the soccer lads, found it hard going promoted to the top division after winning

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Apna Chakkar 2014 – 11

Apna Chakkar 2014 – 11 (0)

Salute the Mighty Turbaned ANZACS According to the National War Memorial in Australia's capital, Canberra, seven Sikhs were part of the Australian armed forces during the First World War Their names and the battalions they were

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