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Badminton Champions

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Badminton Champions

Congratulations to our team members whom have won the trophies in their respective events and lifted the name of the VSA badminton club. Your success has indirectly lifted up our spirits as well. We all are proud with your success! May Waheguru bestow upon us with more victories and success.

Looking back 3 months ago when we started off our badminton club and sessions, we only had a few number of players. It grew slowly and surely it did to the point where we have our very own veteran’s team now. Your commitment and the drive within yourselves, made this possible. We are so glad to see our club growing and more growth is surely on its way.

Like our promise to you all, we were not here just for the ASG 2013 games. Our pledge was to stay on with this club and to continue serving you all with many more programs that are being currently planned. Hopefully, with the one month’s break, it gives you ample of rest and energy you need for the upcoming events.


We will be starting our regular weekly badminton session from Saturday the 4th of May 2013 onwards. Good news is that, we have 2 courts in the main badminton hall. So there will be no more poor conditions while playing over at the Table Tennis Hall.

Court 6: 4 – 6pm

Court 4: 4 – 6pm

To initiate our weekly sessions, we are proposing to have the monthly commitment plan of $40 per person. This will cover the court rental and shuttles requirements. If there is a surplus in funds then this will be saved in our Badminton Club account and we will then use these funds accordingly for the benefit of all its members. If you could kindly revert back to us to confirm your commitment at the earliest it will be much appreciated.

We promise you, there will be more EXCITING programs coming up ahead and trust us, it will just excite you more to be part of it.

We all look forward to see you all on the 4th of May and hopefully some new faces as well.

Jey sadey velo koi gelthiya hogeya haan, tusi phulenhaar ho, phulachuka di maafi baksheni.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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    Well done lah!! Do you all train close to the city? What days? I have a Non-Sikh flat mate, can he join VSA badminton also?

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