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The VSA Badminton team has started practising for Sikh Games. If you are interested please contact Gurmeet Gill or Ravi on

Team trains every Saturday from 4 to 6 PM at Venue: Albert Park Sports Complex, South Melbourne.

Who can attend: If you are interested, what are you waiting for! Come and join us.

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The VSA Golf team play at various public courses around Melbourne once a month. The Golf days cater for players of all levels, and provide a great Sunday out. Of course the social side of the 19th hole is not to be missed too !

Interested in playing golf?


Harjit Sandhu at 0417-050-636

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We have had a great turnout for the last few weeks…keep it coming!

Soccer for Everyone……. boys, girls, old or young.

Junior soccer – All ages

Day – Saturdays. Time – 500pm. Where – VSA Grounds, Ashwood.

Girls are encouraged to come and join in. If any girls are interested to join a soccer team, please come along.

Parents – a Soccer team for the older group is also being put together.

Ashwood Reserve –Corner of Winbirra Parade & High Street Road, Ashwood (Mel Ref: 60 J11)

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Manage By Manvinder Sidhu

Contact: 0431298875

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Team VSA now has registered 3 cricket teams at the upcoming Annual Australian Sikh Games. As the Aussies are putting in an embarrassing tour of India, perhaps the ACB selectors to come look at our boys in the nets!!! There will be 6 other teams to beat at the Games this year but the odds are stacked in our favour. Howzat GOLD looking?

Contact Gurbinder

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Last week, we had a team bonding session. We got together at our Ashwood Clubrooms to paint our Banner which will be revealed in full at the Opening Ceremony. We’re training twice weekly to put in a TOP PERFORMANCE! Some injuries have crept in but our spirits are high. Simreth and Aman are shooting all net. Gagan will not let the opponents score. Harpeet is holding our defence tight. Tanya links our defence to attack. On the flanks we have Jaswin, Jasreena, Jupinder, Honey and Amreet. We’re marshalled by Captain Sunpreet. This will mark our debut Sikh Games. Don’t be mistaken, we’re not aiming to come in 2nd! Come cheer your SHER-Nis. On March 24, KaurStrength will be running long side Fauja Singh at the Run 4 Kids to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Join Team VSA and nurture the team spirit. We are trying to make a difference and support The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Melbourne – a cause we really care about. Our goal is to raise $500 to help them continue their important work, and we would really appreciate it if you could help by sponsoring us through our Supporter page. To give to our page, or to read more about why we’re doing what we’re doing, please visit: It would also be great if you could spread the word about what I’m doing by sharing the link above with your friends and family. The more people that know, the more money we can raise!

Contact Harvin

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Team VSA’s volleyball team is training hard, ready for their ASG! Training is being held every week, on Sundays. We’re working on our set play. Come game time we’ll be ready to fly! Contact is Manjit – 0411124120

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Our two Open Men’s Doubles teams have been very busy practising each week and we are confident for a great result!

On Friday night, we went down to Monash to have hit with Amarjot, Maan and Garry….. forget Nadal and Federrer. (Karan is in training In India and will be flying back by the 17th) Come down to the Monash University tennis courts each Friday night from 7pm to 9pm and support our boys!

Contact Sharon

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