Apna Chakar

VSA Apna Chakkar- 16-06

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VSA Apna Chakkar- 16-06
Dear VSA family and friends,

Out on the streets and armed with a IPad and a strong eye, your Apna Chakar team is out in force this Vaisakhi.We talked to who’s who and who’s not to simply put out Vaisakhi kahanies that affect you, your friends and family. If you’re happy, you told us why. You’ve helped us and others learn and prosper. Likewise, if you’ve been feeling tied up by the red tape spooling from your office front right up to your Gurdwara and beyond, us as your silos, have been combing the streets even harder to share apna mirch-masala.

For many Vaisakhis, our communities have attended the Gurdwaras, celebrated at parties and gone back to the same old habits, good and bad, only to reapeat the cycle again the next Vaisakhi.

Let’s make Vaisakhi 2016 different. You make it your different, the different that means something to you. In common, let’s celebrate Vaisakhi for its religous, cultural, social and community values.

The Gurdwaras will be in full swing – go! Enjoy the occaision and the experience of the sangat. Socially and Culturally, VSA celebrates Vaisakhi on Saturday 16th April. -go! Enjoy the Twenty20 World Cup, some Ghana- shana and Cha-pani and mauj masti.

We hope you enjoy the Vaisakhi Edition of Apna Chakkar, jump on board, take a seat and enjoy the ride. This rail-gaddi is leaving the station. Toot toot. Vaisakhi di lakh lakh vadaiee to all.






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