VSA Soccer 2023

Congratulations to VSA FC on a fantastic 2023 campaign in the MCSA United Food Express League (Southeast) division! Finishing 4th on the ladder with 37 points after 18 games is a remarkable

achievement. It’s clear that the team had a strong season, and there are several standout performances worth celebrating.

Muhammad El Sayegh’s 28 goals and 2nd golden boot ranking are truly impressive, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess. Additionally, it’s¬†remarkable that both our top scorer and central defensive midfielder, Aden Hagi, earned 18 MVP points each, underlining the team’s well-rounded strength.

Sunny and Indi Singh, the playmakers, played pivotal roles in orchestrating the team’s success and relentless spirit. Coached by ex-player Justin Sandhu and tactician Sarab Hansra, it’s evident that VSA FC is a well-drilled and culturally rich team with players from Bhutan, Australia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Somalia, making it a true melting pot of talent.

The support from headline sponsor Roti Bar (Ray and Julyn of Melbourne fame), the freemasons of Lodge Bharat, 1313 Finance (Mohan Sandhu), and Eco Transport Solutions (Bobby Gill) are vital in nurturing and growing the team’s success.

What’s even more heartwarming is the team’s commitment to community and new migrants, as highlighted by captain Taran Virk & the VSA is much more than a football team, it is a band of brothers that stick together, play to win, and help the community and new migrants.

VSA FC is more than just a football club; it’s a tight-knit family that values unity, success, and giving back to the community.

VSA FC’s upcoming 2024 season promises to be exciting, and it’s an excellent opportunity for fans and supporters to get involved and be part of the experience.

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Instagram: VSA Football Club on Instagram

Facebook: Victorian Sikh Association on Facebook

Official MCSA page: MCSA’s United Food Express League (Southeast)

Here’s to an even more successful and exciting 2024 season for VSA FC!

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