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Formed in 1988, Victorian Sikh Association Inc.(VSA) is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. What started out as an informal network drawn together by common interest and a shared love of sport, rapidly grew to a vibrant association committed to sharing and celebrating our cultural heritage through sports, cultural exchange and active community participation

Our new club house building was built in 2015 with the collaboration of our community, the Federal Government and Monash City Council.

We are celebrating '35 YEARS of VSA'! Join us at The Victorian Sikh Association Annual Dinner & Dance on Sat. November 25th at Cathies Lane Receptions (Wantirna Sth. Vic) for a Glamourous Night of Energetic Performances, DJ/Music & Dancing, Delicious Food & Drinks, The VSA Awards & so much more! Come & be a part of VSA's 35 YR Celebration, it will be an unforgettable night!
BOOK Your Seat (or a table with family & friends) HERE https://bit.ly/3Z7NW37
We can't wait to see you at the VSA D&D!
The biggest night of the year.
For more info please email victoriansikhassociation@gmail.com

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